Only in London: miniature apartment only 4 meters wide with a million dollar price

Despite the pandemic that has shaken the whole world, the real estate market in London seems to be flourishing…

Proof of this claim is the ultra-slim estate in Kensington, which is only 3.96 meters wide, it’s located in one of the narrowest buildings in London and is popular for really obvious reasons. Despite its slim interior, this home hides two bedrooms and two bathrooms, while each room has windows, with the master bedroom being the largest of them.

The small home covers an area of ​​58 square meters and has pure white walls, spa-style bathrooms, smart built-in elements and a timeless kitchen characterized by black and white tiles. Moreover, the main living space is facing south, which means that it enjoys the maximum amount of light throughout the day.

Also, this home contains a private terrace which is enough for a small bistro seating set and only a few plants. According to real estate agents working on the sale of this home, its owners will get a unique opportunity to live in a well-known local tourist attraction. Whether it is really positive or not, decide for yourself.

In addition, we can say that this home was originally an art studio, which survived the demolition of other buildings in the area during the construction of the subway in the late nineteenth century. The then government stopped the construction of the entrance to the subway at this location, so this home remained intact.

According to the official description: "A beautiful apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in a former art studio, located on one of the most beautiful squares in Kensington and Chelsea, with a terrace facing south. This apartment is ideally positioned for all lovers of shopping, restaurants and cafes, with great connections to public transport.”

Well, if small houses with luxurious details are what you are looking forward to, this home is a complete hit for you.

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