Pink living - step inside a magnificent apartment in Madrid

If you have ever wanted to know what life in the Barbie world would look like, we suggest you take a peek at this unique home in Madrid…

Complete with 12 shades of pink, the monochromatic work of Patricia Bustos Studios, called Minimal Fantasy, is a magnificent luxury. Described as "aesthetic madness", this 55-square-meter apartment will delight everyone with its aspects of surprise, uniqueness and meaning. In addition, the apartment is just a few steps from Madrid’s lively Puerta del Sol, making it perfect for tourists.

The apartment originally consisted of one bedroom and one bathroom, and has been redesigned to include two bedrooms and an additional bathroom, kitchen and living room consisting of pink lame and plush pink pillows.

The home also boasts an pink oval table, dining chairs upholstered in metallic pink fabric and a mix of blue, pink and gold geometric shapes in the kitchen. The completely pink pattern continues in the bedrooms with a pink headboard, baby pink lame pillows and faux fur blankets. The bathrooms are characterized by pink tiles and a mirror with a frame of the same color, with magnificent pink shower curtain.

The studio that designed this amazing apartment, stated: "Pink confirms the fall of stereotypes ... Everything is possible, nothing is planned or established, and that is the beauty. That there are no rules ... or rather that everyone has their own. That is why it is the color of a new generation that fights for its dreams and finds its way as it passes, without maps and advice ... just following the heart and intuition. '

Would you like to live here?

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