Porro storage raises the bar with luxurious and spacious wardrobes

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In a fully smart and technologically savvy home, an ordinary wooden wardrobe tossed in a corner would draw attention for all the wrong reasons...

As a solution, consider Porro Storage, a collection of contemporary wardrobes with a wide range that emphasizes your home's decor. Porro Storage presents itself as a transparent wardrobe with a mix of materials that speak for themselves. Its spacious and continuous layout retains the user's attention. Designed by Piero Lissoni and the Italian furniture brand Porro, it functions as an open storage space, fitting seamlessly into any environment without needing to be wall-mounted.

The wardrobe acts as a standalone space that replaces traditional closets while stylishly displaying your items. Porro offers a customized and wide range of modules with a wealth of finishes and materials, playing with the design of its hinged doors and opening system to reflect broader changes. Available door sizes are 500/600 and 750 mm.

With fully transparent glass partitions, cabinets, open elements, and wardrobes, Porro Storage also offers charmingly illuminated sections. Depending on its capacity, the wardrobe provides efficient space with a wide base and hanging bars for storing all types of clothing.

Finishes come in white, black, or aluminum color, or with the effect of mongoi wood, eucalyptus, and ash, giving you the opportunity to create the ambiance you've always dreamed of and perfectly blend with all other rooms in your home.

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