Royal Penthouse II is the work of Australian studio Coco Republic Interior Design...

This three bedroom penthouse in Newcastle is presented as a comfortable dream home, where the natural light and the choice of natural materials embark on an adventure while creating a comfortable lifestyle. The interior presents us with a sense of understated luxury soft gray, sand and blue accents, while the shelves are the perfect space for family photos and other little things that are dear to you.

The interior has undergone a transformation that has lasted five months, and now is luxuriously decorated with soft colors and materials that provide a sense of the real, warm home. Wood, stone and jute helped creating a harmonious design that somewhat resembles the coastline that is visible through the windows. Combining these elements with soft fabrics, this interior emphasizes the ease and relaxation of living in a comfortable environment. Panoramic views of the beach make this place not only beautiful and hospitable, but also very functional.

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