Secrets to Creating a Luxury Home

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Maybe it’s been a while since you redecorated any parts of your home. You need inspiration, and all you know is that you want your living space to look luxurious when you’ve finished. Here’s the inspiration you need for creating surroundings that are a cut above.

Pay attention to the exterior

First impressions start with the outside of your home. Building your curb appeal doesn’t just make you feel great; it also makes your property much more appealing to potential buyers.

If your front door looks like it’s had its day, think about a new one.

Double leaf doors can make a large property look stately and important, opening in the centre. Solid wood doors look expensive and add a dose of character.

There are also Oxford double doors, which have striking panels and may also come with frosted glass to harness that natural light.

If the door isn’t your focus, maybe the porch or the garden should be. A well-kept garden is a must. Installing some neat hanging baskets could be the finishing touch your porch needs.

Install statement lighting

When functional objects have a spark of artistry about them, they set a house apart from the rest. This is where you can use your lighting to work in your favour.

Chandeliers and pendant lights draw the eye upwards, making the room appear taller and more spacious. Lighting with warm-coloured metals like rose gold and copper are very trendy and makes your space look expensive instantly.

Remodel the kitchen

A luxury kitchen is more than a place to cook. It’s one of the many spaces where you can entertain and socialise.

Consider ways you can reinvent this space to emanate a sophisticated aura and be an enjoyable place to spend time. Consider a luxury fitted kitchen that feels open plan. Freestanding furniture and a breakfast bar could add a lot of interest.

Add mouldings or wall treatments

Adding mouldings to your walls infuses a room with a little bit of architectural interest. The difference can be quite dramatic. They can make your house feel like an upmarket period property, yet this doesn’t even have to be an expensive renovation job.

Wall treatments are another way to dress things up a bit. This can include anything from feature walls and murals to wood panelling.

Stick to neutral hues

Neutral hues are a quick way to achieve the calm, nonplussed luxury look you want. The ever-on-trend off-white Scandi theme is a safe bet, and it enhances natural light very effectively.

Pair it with some earthy brown features and you can strike a classy rustic vibe.

Decorate with house plants

Strategically placed houseplants show that you’ve put an extra level of thought into your space. There’s something about their clean, natural appearance that does a lot for the atmosphere.

For luxurious living, some favourites are the peace lily, rubber plant and night-scented lily.

So where will you start? Whether you just want to make a few additions or have a full renovation, there are plenty of ways you scale up the appearance of your home.

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