Sneak a peak into Bella Hadid's apartment

Bella Hadid, one of the most successful models of her generation, with a face that is expressive and unique, is looking for a new home in New York…

As one of the most popular IT girls in the world, Bella leaves you breathless with her style, attitude and success, nurturing a way of life that many envy her. Two years ago, Bella bought herself an apartment in Manhattan, which is the embodiment of elegance in sophistication.

Although she spent most of the corona virus quarantine on a family ranch in Pennsylvania with her sister Gigi, the model kept her home in the city due to business commitments. However, today, she wants to change her residential address. Having bought this apartment in 2019, she now wants to sell it for $ 3,000,000.

The loft-style apartment, which measures 203 square meters, is located in the heart of Soho, has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private terrace, custom-made lighting and fitted wardrobes. Characterized by neutral tones and wooden surfaces, the apartment exudes comfort and convenience, inviting you to change the pace of your life and enjoy every moment that is given to you.

We are sorry that the photos of the wardrobe are not available in the listing - we would really like to peek into the wardrobe of a supermodel and the most modern girl in the world!

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