Sneak a peak into Netherland's most expensive penthouse

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More photos

Earlier this week, a very expensive penthouse in the Netherlands was unveiled…

In fact, it is the state's most expensive penthouse, and it has found a new owner. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, this massive 1,440 m2 apartment is yet to be constructed, but it is known that tycoon Von Jip will be its first owner.

The entire top floor of the 90-meter-high Pontsteiger skyscraper is the site of the construction of this most expensive penthouse sold in the Netherlands, and in fact, it is also the country's largest penthouse. It combines four apartments in its entirety and thus gets its "mega" area.

The Pontsteiger skyscraper is the work of the Dutch architectural firm Arons & Gelauff. The building has a very interesting shape and has already received its nickname - "the new gate of Amsterdam". It will have around 300 apartments for rent and 100 apartments for sale, as well as its own private marina, with enough space for 45 yachts.

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