Sneak a peak into the highest apartment in New York

If you have always wanted to live in New York, now you can take that desire to the highest level, literally…

New residential skyscrapers of this city are climbing towards the clouds and apparently, they intend to overcome them. 111 West 57th, a new skyscraper to be completed soon, will be 435 meters high, while for example, the 432 Park building has a height of about 420 meters. The new Central Park Tower, which we are talking about today, surpasses each of them with a height of 472 meters, and promises its residents a high-life and incredible views.

The residence on the sixty-sixth floor of this skyscraper, which measures about 300 square meters, comes with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and will cost you 21.8 million dollars. Blainey North & Associates took care of the interior design of this model home, using pieces from its furniture collection, while also collaborating with Rug Company, Gabriel Scott and Urban Electric Co. brands.

"We were inspired by the sounds of New York. As someone who comes from the other side of the world, from Australia, the ubiquitous noise of Manhattan is one of its defining characteristics. That sound always strikes me when I come to this city and offers me security ", the designers explain. According to the rumours, their vision was to create a resort-like space, despite the daily cacophony of Manhattan. We can notice several homages to this auditory theme throughout the apartment - British artist Nadia Ann Ricketts upholstered the walls with textured materials with patterns that directly imitate the sound formations of popular songs, while in the living room there are textiles that pay homage to the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Tenants of this home will also have access to Central Park Tower benefit packages. Only those living inside this building will be able to access the exclusive Central Park Club, a 5,000-square-meter space spread over three levels. There is also an outdoor terrace with pool and lounges, a spa offering massage treatments and a fantastically equipped fitness centre. Even the lobby of this skyscraper itself is strikingly created - it is adorned with a bespoke Lalique chandelier consisting of 2,000 crystals,

Those who are interested can already buy a house on the 66th floor, or one of the remaining 179 units in the building. Apartment prices start at 6.9 million dollars, while apartments at higher levels reach the figure of almost 70 million.

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