Sneak into the ambiance of impeccable luxury

Strong stylistic focus and top products adorn Venera apartment, luxury project by Julia Baydyk, founder of Alta Idea Design Studio ...

Refined in its manifestation and overall appearance, the new space represents an exceptional gallery of valuables, full of art deco style objects and luxurious masterpieces. When entering the interior, it is possible to experience all the effort invested during the design process and the creation of this beautiful Ukrainian home, which irresistibly resembles sophisticated Parisian apartments.

The entire project brings enchanting central points, in charge of significantly shaping the interior segments and adding a stylish character to a modern and elegant apartment, planned and decorated with great attention to the smallest details and great expertise in every part of its design.

At the helm of Alta Idea Design Studio, Julia Baydyk turned a perfect Kiev apartment into an inspiring and very playful art deco unit with an abundance of charm, charisma and personality. Aesthetic interior is something that is always associated with a relaxing feeling and ambience in which life is celebrated with vibrant color palettes, together with a skillfully selected collection of furniture and top living characteristics. The pleasing curves and strong geometric lines, together with the shapes marked by warm natural tones and textures, serve to relax the consciousness and create inspiration.

The very core of this design is to occupy the attention of its future owners with a flawless interior space, which in a delicate way blends functionality and decorative elements. Venera is an artistic expression of interior design, modern and daring stylish treats, complemented by sleek and luxurious vibrations, through which comfort and discreet luxury fit beautifully. Unique, tactile taste and commitment to the project, create an excellent luxury setting, while the exterior design itself is expressed by dazzling elegance and subtle delicacy, which is complete, stylish and elegant.

Discovering the creative world of timeless lighting piece design, the beauty of Triumph and Streamline wall lamps is implemented at the very core of this housing project. Handmade brass pieces, together with specialized finishes, create harmony and balance of top design language and add their share to the modern approach, which guarantees that every part of this apartment remains an equally interesting setting of modern interior luxury.

The beautiful Ukrainian apartment provides a relaxing atmosphere, strives to inspire human ambition and support the feeling of joy and endless possibilities with its very bold decorative features, ensuring that its special and unique style becomes a symbol of elegance and grace.

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