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Bentley brand continued its cooperation with St. Regist Hotels & Resorts, with the new Bentley suite in Istanbul...

New Bentley designed space in Istanbul hotel St.Regis represents a union of sophisticated craftsmanship and luxury, with rounded and voluminous designs inspired by Bentley Continental GT model. This apartment is the perfect place, with a balcony that overlooks the park, the Bosporus and the magical city. Living room and bedroom, as well as bathrooms, changing rooms and toilets, have subtle details that originate from the famed and beloved Bentley design.

Some of the Bentley-inspired elements are the unsurpassed built-in sofa in the living room, which is made of Bentley leather, equipped with two refrigerators for champagne and decorated with the famous Bentley Diamond cloth, as well as a beautiful light installation based on the Continental GT headlights and sinuous forms Nurnburgring racetracks.

Also, there is also an elegant wet bar, inspired by the Bentley wings, made of olive wood with accents reminiscent of the Bentley engine. The wet bar is a place where there is a Bentley humidor and three Breitling watches showing the time in Istanbul, London and New York.

St. Regis luxury brand had well marked its debut in Turkey in this way. The hotel was designed by award-winning architect Emre Arolat and it represents a modern interpretation of the Istanbul glamorous Art Deco era.

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