The 3 commandments of Scandinavian design

Just like the fashion or tech industries, interior design follows trends that people become fixated on until they’ve immersed themselves in the latest craze.

Scandinavian themes have been around for a while, but it’s only now that the look is starting to really get popular in the UK. After all, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have inspired numerous other lifestyle trends too, so it was only a matter of time before home decoration joined the fray also.

When designing the interior of a home, a great deal of care and attention is needed by the owner. Every choice made whether for aesthetics or functionality communicates something about them to any visitors. Each decision is an inflection of their character, and what pleases and displeases them. But how can all of this be expressed with a Scandinavian design in mind?

Subdue colour

The first mainstay feature of Scandinavian design is utilising light and subdued colours wherever possible; on walls, cupboards, furniture and even appliances. Whites and soft cream colours work best here. This helps create a calm and soothing atmosphere around the home, while also ensuring consistency in the colour palette used. It’s best to opt for an immaculate and sophisticated look across the board, making regular use of materials like oak and sheepskin. For all intents and purposes, colour is a distraction here, so it’s important to be distanced from it wherever possible. A few compromises can be made, so long as any different hues are used as a subtle nuance, and not a main attraction.

Utilise wood

Next is the consideration of wood, which is infused into Scandinavian designs as much as possible. Wooden beams, floorboards, cupboards and even picture frames guarantee thematic success here. Moreover, the wood used needs to further accentuate the lightness of the home too, so dark variations need to be wholly ignored. Variations such as beech and ash will carry off that elegant and graceful look, so they’ll typically have a strong presence in the home. There’s an air of charming simplicity through using wood in this fashion, bringing an air of cosiness and polish while abandoning the grit and grime of other home designs.

Cleanliness and clutter less

Scandinavian homes are consistently clear and clutter free, and the blank canvas approach is part of the appeal. Because of the light and brightness of these spaces, things like dirt and filth become that much more visible, as there’re no dark surfaces to go unnoticed in. Therefore, cleanliness is key. Furthermore, even things like bare walls are a plus, so the Scandinavian design really doesn’t win favour with homeowners who like to hoard and get messy on occasion. This tenant of the theme can change lifestyles somewhat too, in that some people will simply need to buy less stuff in order to persist with the minimalist aesthetic of their home. Ultimately, keeping walls, shelves and other surfaces relatively clear and tidy will do a lot in the way of maintaining a Scandinavian style home.

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