The Estates - finest residences of the world

Legendary German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, recently collaborated with the Trump group, to design two lobbies in The Estates at Acqualina Miami...

As one of the most luxurious residential development projects throughout Miami, this new project is located on property of Acqualina Resort & Spa. This residential complex breaks all the rules and known limits and it will not spare any expense, which was clear as soon as we heard that this fashion icon became part of the story. The Estates will be the finest residences in the world, and without a doubt we can claim that lobbies which will get Lagerfeld's touch will be truly spectacular.

Karl Lagerfeld is probably the most respected fashion designer in the world, and as such, he is the ideal choice for the level of luxury and elegance which this residential project is supposed to represent. His work will surely have an impact on everyone's first impression of these buildings, especially due to the fact that they will be the first thing people see when they set foot inside.

The Estates will offer 265 luxury residences, with three to seven bedrooms, inside two boutique towers of fifty floors. Each of the skyscrapers will be fully furnished and equipped with only the finest elements.

Imported stone worktops, smart home technology and high ceilings are just some of the excellent features of these new residences, which will surely delight potential owners. In the northern part of the estate will be located the Villa Acqualina.

In its 4,500 m2 we’ll be able to see pure luxury, including the exquisite spa, fitness center and a world-class restaurant overlooking the Atlantic and the Circus Maximus. We are sure that everyone wants to spend even a fraction of their free time here. Did we mention ice skating rink, a bowling alley and a movie theater? Yes, there will be absolutely everything.

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