The largest and the most luxurious Manhattan apartment

This place looks like an art gallery, with dominant white and works of art that adorn it...

Many will say that its interior design was excessive and not quite cozy and comfortable, but still, this is the largest and most luxurious apartment in New York, with superb, panoramic views of the city, through the windows from floor to ceiling. Private Residence 1, as its name, occupies an area of ​​approximately 1,680 m2, and is created by the well-known company Oda New York.

After the entrance itself, six meters high sculptural garden that includes a waterfall and reflecting pool is facing the United Nations Headquarters. The interior of the apartment is an example of modern minimalism, which is very attractively implemented. It contains a living room, which is bathed in natural light. The furniture is white, while the walls are decorated in color, in the form of numerous works of art that adorn them. Italian kitchen is red and silver, which is reminiscent of the environment that we would expect in a futuristic movie.

The bathroom presents us with a variety of designs in earthy tones, such as rough black walls in the toilet area and bronze tile pieces in the bath section. Wardrobe is quite well equipped, although Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City had a bigger one. In the playroom there is a pool table, a few strange pieces of art and a sliding screen TV. Bar is minimal and conveniently decorated, while it reminds us of those elegant, luxury clubs with selected VIP members. Otherwise, this apartment has its own private cinema with cushy seats and a giant screen.

The most comfortable room in the apartment is certainly private library, with wooden floors and leather rocking chair, which is located in front of the window, through which you can enjoy the best view of the city. Otherwise, in this room there is a red Indian in natural size, which "guards it".

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