Three Cavalli skyscrapers are emerging in Dubai as a true embodiment of decadence

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According to the latest news, Cavalli Residences are planning to design and build three 42-story waterfront skyscrapers, where children will attend a virtual reality school, where their lessons will be projected onto a giant fountain…

Iconic brand Cavalli will be responsible for refreshing Dubai Harbour, designing three skyscrapers called DAMAC Bay by Cavalli, paying homage to the tranquil and immaculate location with towers that will be inspired by the blue waters of the harbour. Although their exteriors may look a bit harsh, the interiors will be the exact opposite, filled with elements of marine life, including shells, pearls and numerous other details. Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President of DAMAC, welcomed this new project: “Our goal with DAMAC Bay was to bring the wonders of the marine world closer to residents than ever before. The entire project has been constructed so that all residents can equally enjoy a luxurious, practical lifestyle, which will be accentuated by the peace of the open sea".

He continued: "With an innovative layout specially designed by Cavalli, we are sure that residents and their guests will find fun, relaxation and revitalization in this project." DAMAC Bay will consist of one-bedroom apartments to super luxury 5-bedroom duplexes within the master plan development. The spacious 3-to-5-bedroom duplex will occupy floor thirty-three to forty-second with unobstructed views of Dubai. The designer adds a touch of glamor to DAMAC Bay by integrating a Cavalli-inspired bridge that winds across its rooftops, which also houses an infinity pool for guests, along with a must-see area for sunbathing and relaxation.

From exceptional sea views to a private white sand beach, an array of food and beverage outlets and access to the exclusive Cavalli Lounge, DAMAC Bay offers unparalleled luxury living. In the interior, the skyscrapers provide a nautical escape in an elegantly crafted water maze and diving excursions. The less adventurous can enjoy themselves around the hammocks suspended above the infinity pool on the ground floor of the building.

The centre of attention of the DAMAC Bay project is the fountain in the central tower. The visual delight is synchronized with operatic music, providing a mesmerizing performance for onlookers and even residents from afar. Its magic extends beyond entertainment as children staying at DAMAC Bay will have the opportunity to attend a virtual reality school with classes projected by a laser on the fountain. Innovative, revolutionary and beautiful all in one!

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