Transforming Your Home for a Cosy Winter

With the winter holiday season coming up, it’s now time to gear up for the cold weather and keep yourself cosy in the comfort of your own home.

While waiting the winter out in St. Barts or Trunk Valley sounds like a good idea to escape the cold, it’s also important to keep yourself toasty and comfortable when at home. Whether it’s installing a new heating system or redecorating for the winter, there are a lot of things that you can do to have a little winter wonderland at home. Here, we’ve listed below some of the easiest ways to transform your home into the ideal winter abode.

Find Warmth in Your Walls

You can visually trick yourself into thinking that your space is warm by altering the colour of your walls. Indeed, The Spruce notes that warm colours like orange, red, yellow, and similar colour schemes make you think of warm things like heat and sunlight. This can help make you feel more relaxed and snug at home ⁠— even if it’s freezing outside. If you’re not a fan of walls that are completely painted in warm tones, you can try to balance both cool and warm tones in a harmonious colour scheme and still achieve the same effect.

Choose Between Electric, Wood, or Gas Fireplaces

One way to keep yourself warm during the winter is by having a fireplace. A true winter staple, fireplaces are a great source of heat for harsh winters and can jazz up your living room. Additionally, installing a fireplace in your house can increase its value.

There are three main types of fireplaces: wood, gas, and electric. Wood burning fireplaces are the most expensive since when installing they require more construction work. However, these types of fireplaces are really efficient and bring an unmatched cosy ambiance to your living space. On the other hand, gas fireplaces can be a cheaper alternative, although they do need regular monitoring and maintenance. Lastly, electric fireplaces are the most convenient since you can plug it anywhere you want and need only minimal maintenance.

Boost Your Home’s Insulation

After you’ve taken care of your home’s heating systems, you have to ensure that the heat stays indoors and makes your home a cozy winter sanctuary. So, be sure to have someone check on your home’s insulation before winter starts. A draught-proofing guide by HomeServe highlights your doors, windows, and lofts as the key areas you need to pay attention to. You can try self-adhesive insulation strips to seal in heat, or use flexible sealants to seal off any gaps. By draught-proofing your home, you ensure that your home stays warm throughout the winter, as well as not increasing your monthly energy costs due to inefficiency.

Get Warmer Bedding

There’s a clear scientific explanation for wanting to sleep throughout a cold winter’s day. Dr. Raj Dagsupta notes that the changing weather conditions disrupt your body’s natural processes, which then makes you want to spend more time in bed. However, it can be harder to sleep during the winter ⁠— especially if you fail to make yourself comfortable. That’s why you should invest in beddings that’ll help you stay warm and cosy. Be sure to look for soft materials like wool, silk, and Egyptian cotton when buying your blankets and linens. Furthermore, taking note of the thread count for your blankets can also make sleep more pleasant in the winter. Be sure to only by beddings that have a thread count between 300 and 500 ⁠— any less can dampen a good night’s rest and any more is a rip-off.

Nothing beats having a cosy home during winter. So if you’re looking to make your living space homier, inviting, and comfortable as you weather out the cold winter, be sure to use the tips we’ve listed above.

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