London West Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles has teamed up with renowned designer Vivienne Westwood...

They aimed at the creation of a luxury penthouse that will literally take your breath away. This sophisticated hotel has invested over $ 25 million in her suite at the highest level. As of next month, the reservation to stay in this area of ​​luxury and wealth are open, at a cost of $ 25,000 for one night.

At this price, you can stay in the largest hotel suite in Los Angeles, which has about 1,200 m2. This penthouse can be reached through the tenth floor of the hotel, through the private hallway that opens onto a large foyer and then the Grand Salon, which is decorated with exclusive pretentious art, decorative and mentor, together with custom pieces of furniture.

In this penthouse, there are chic items designed by the famous Vivienne Westwood, such as cushions and upholstery, flawless cabinets and furniture, hand-made tapestry, bookcase, elegant mirrors and a large carpet on which is represented a reputable pattern by which this eccentric lady is known.

Richly decorated bedroom in this apartment has a huge king-size bed and a private dressing room. Beside it, this penthouse contains a modern kitchen, media room, dining room and a massive open terrace, which offers beautiful panoramic views of Los Angeles. The terrace is large enough for about 300 people to relax in the casual summer fun.

Two large atriums with skylights bathe this apartment with natural light. Guests who book this apartment also receive a special luxurious treat - private shopping experience in Hollywood Vivienne Westwood boutique.

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