What's life like in one of the tallest skyscrapers of the world?

The first Waldorf Astoria development project in South Florida is ready to open its doors to tenants who will be proud to say they live in the tallest residential skyscraper south of Manhattan…

With a height of 319 meters, the Waldorf Astoria Tower in central Miami, seems to set a new standard in the silhouette of the city. Ryan Shear, managing partner of Property Markets Group based in New York and Miami, the entrepreneur in charge of this project, said: “Miami has truly become a world city, attracting a high concentration of international buyers and travelers, as well as those coming from our country. The rich history of the Waldorf Astoria brand and their heritage, combined with the luxuries of Miami, evoke the truly enthusiastic reactions of a new generation of consumers from the world of luxury, as well as loyalists from all over the world”.

This project contains a series of asymmetrically arranged glass cubes, which were designed by designer Carlos Otto. The California company BAMO will deal with the interiors of the building, which seem balanced, just like its exterior. Modern homes come equipped with smart technologies, allowing their tenants to rely on concierge services.

One of these homes will cost you a minimum of one million dollars, while only 360 apartments will be available for purchase. In the render of one of the residential units, the master bedroom shows a magnificent integration of flow, light and function, while the apartments themselves will be accompanied by 205 hotel rooms and suites, Peacock Alley Lodge, restaurant, outdoor and indoor events, swimming pool with lodges , spa and fitness centers.

Since this is the tallest tower south of Manhattan, we already know that a magnificent view can be expected wherever we turn.

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