Airbus unveils the vision of aircraft cabins of the future

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With transparent ceilings, smart devices, a sustainable atmosphere and an enhanced passenger experience, the Airbus future of travel looks as beautiful as it is promising!

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has offered a sneak peek at its "Airspace Cabin Vision 2035+" concept that will underpin its future cabin design. The concept focuses heavily on sustainability, lightweight materials and digitalization.

Ten airlines and eight technology companies, including Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa and BMW, contributed to the project, while Airbus relied heavily on extensive passenger research to formulate its key concepts. Changes to the manufacturer's existing cabin ranges will begin as early as this year, with full implementation to be launched on its next-generation aircraft.

The company will rely on three "main pillars" that will shape the way the company creates its future cabins: transparency, decarbonization and circularity. To create a sustainable cabin, the company will create a transparent ceiling that will allow passengers to look up at the imposing sky and sparkling stars while flying. Who doesn't love waking up in the warm embrace of natural light?

Bionic cabins will be far less harmful to the environment and will reduce their weight by up to 40%. Some steps taken to achieve this goal will be pre-ordered meals that could completely empty the kitchen on short flights. From personalized service, better seats and additional smart devices, nothing from the good old days will be missing.

Passengers will also be informed of the environmental impact of each flight through a mobile travel tracking app. The good part is that it will make you aware of your actions, but it will also offer you a choice of ways to offset your carbon emissions.

Next week, Airbus will provide more detailed information on its new cabin concepts at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2023 in Hamburg.

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