Is travelling first class worth the upgrade?

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Travelling first-class might feel like a luxury, but it could be more accessible than you might expect.

Either with a pre-planned ticket or a last-minute upgrade, travelling first class gives you access to comfortable seats, quieter carriages and hospitality too.

No matter where you’re headed next, it’s worth knowing a few of the reasons why going first class is worth the extra cost.

First class train travel: What’s included?

Looking to book a trip soon?

Whether you’re heading to the most important conference of the year or booking a romantic weekend away, there are plenty of reasons to consider an upgrade. You can guarantee a smooth, relaxing journey when you book first-class train tickets for your next journey.

The main difference is that you’ll be more comfortable in a first-class carriage. Highlights include:

  • More space: The most obvious upgrade relates to the space around you and your seat. First-class seats are noticeably taller and wider, with many positioned either individually or next to generously sized tables, spaced reasonably far apart from other passengers. If you’re concerned about the spread of infection on trains, this could put your mind at ease.
  • Peace and quiet: First-class carriages are renowned for being quieter, in no small part due to the clientele who usually travel in them. You’ll usually encounter business travellers and professionals using the journey as an opportunity to get on with some work - or escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a far cry from rush hour on the Tube!
  • Food and drink: Catering is a key part of the attraction for many who choose to travel first class. Hot tea or coffee delivered straight to your seat, along with snacks and hot food, make it even easier to follow your schedule.
    Meals are served at specific times, so it’s worth double-checking before you travel. Being able to eat on the move is one of the most effective ways to make train journeys more productive.
  • Luxurious feel: The materials used in first-class carriages are frequently of a higher quality than those used in economy options. If you’re someone who pays attention to the details, you’ll appreciate plush leather on the seats, ceramic coffee cups, and plush napkins at your table. Personal, attentive service completes the experience.

How to find cheaper first-class train tickets

It’s true that first-class tickets usually cost more upfront than economy tickets for the same journey. However, upgrading doesn’t need to cost the earth. Several rail companies now partner with third-party apps to allow spare first-class tickets to be auctioned before the train departs.

Alternatively, if you’ve already purchased a standard ticket, it might be possible to upgrade it through the same booking platform you originally used. There are also occasional last-minute deals to make the most of, too!

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