Ducati introduces the Superleggera V4 model in a limited edition

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The beautiful Ducati Superleggera V4 comes in a limited edition of the Italian supermotor manufacturer and its line will bring just 500 units to this world ...

This company is known for its sophisticated design and elegance that amazes every viewer, so we can safely say that its new model is a true work of art. The V4 four-cylinder with 998 kc and 231 hp is in charge of running the Superleggera V4, when its equipped with the Akrapovic exhaust racetrack, while its limited to 220 hp in street specifications. However, it's not just the engine that makes this Ducati baby so special.

The Italians designed the Superleggera V4 model to make it the first production motorcycle with a brand new carbon-fiber structure, including frame, subframe, wheels and one-sided axle. What emphasizes this two-wheeler is its sharp aerodynamics, marked by carbon spoilers that generate fifty pounds of thrust at 270 km / h and improve stability when entering fast curves while reducing front wheel lift from the ground at daunting accelerations. Also, these elements dramatically improve motorcycle braking.

All this power is also influenced by 159 pounds of Ducati Superleggera V4 models, which can be further lowered to 152.2 kg by equipping the engine with an optional Racing Kit, giving it the best power-to-weight ratio compared to any street-legal motorcycle.

On the other hand, the supermotorcycle also includes a light Ohlins suspension, with a titanium shock absorber and GP valves designed to improve start-up during the initial part of the compression process. There are also Brembo brakes with a special radiator cap made of solid aluminum, as well as a ignition key equipped with the chassis number of each model.

The legendary Ducati will create just 500 copies of its new model and will begin selling in June this year.

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