Futuristic Porsche 618 concept

Before you get excited about this great futuristic project, you need to know that this thing on two wheels is only a design study and nothing more (for now) and that it did not derive from the Porsche brand, at least officially...

This top notch Porsche 618 bike aims to offer us a short but sweet insight into the future. As a work of Miguel Angel Bahri, who wanted to create a fully electric motor, this sci-fi concept is an homage to the famous Porsche 911 Turbo, 918 and 919 supercars, and therefore contains a flat and low center of gravity, stunning exterior design and a unique suspension system.

When thinking of the 911 Turbo model, most of us create a vision of perfect driving mechanics and driving experience of life. Just for this reason, the battery of the engine is in his heart, for the sake of improved stability and steering. When it comes time to recharge, simply open the hatch trunk and connect the cable.

Digital instrument panel presented in the form of eight inches’ screen gives you feedback in the most interesting way possible, while Android and iOS smart devices operate in accordance with it, with the options of wireless charging. Would you ride this thing around town?

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