Two-wheel street legal art: EVE 2020

The creators of futuristic motorcycles that bridge imagination and reality, the brilliant people at Bandit9 Motorcycles, have recently unveiled their novelty…

This is a new approach to their iconic EVE model, which has produced two amazing concepts. The first concept was called LUX and represents a gentler vision of luxury, while the second concept, the one we are talking about today, takes the principles of luxury to a completely new level.

Called the Bandit9 EVE 2020, the futuristic bike comes with a captivating dark finish on its one-piece body, with a new bonnet and front grille that makes us think of a missile or submarine. Their novelty looks evil from every angle, and is created with beauty, purpose and a dark side in mind.

We can safely say that this is a functional work of art, that is, street legal sculpture, which combines sophisticated design with fine artisanship and innovative ideas. The EVE 2020 is limited to just nine handmade units, and each is equally appealing.

The modern body of this engine is handcrafted from stainless steel, such as its new turbine, bonnet and front grille, accentuated by a unique front fork, hi-tech speedometer, new exhaust, feet and redesigned gearbox, handles and engine cover. With its captivatingly sensual lines and dark finishing details, this model looks luxurious, bold and dramatic in every way.

The glorious silhouette of the EVE engine was combined with the turbine engine hood that we could see for the first time on their L concept. The EVE 2020 will be powered by a small, semi-automatic 125cc engine housed inside its turbine, which is more than enough to accelerate this 140 kilograms model to 110 kilometers per hour. It may not be an overly high figure when you compare it to sports motorcycles, but you will agree, it is a true work of art.

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