We can say that we have assumed that this will eventually come...

In addition to Samsung and LG Company, no one was producing luxury fitness tracker, until now. There was no possibility that the lady who owns fashion style has an adequate fitness tracker, which she could carry on a high-profile fashion event, or perhaps to the theater or opera. However, now that problem is solved. At this year's CES show in Las Vegas, Misfit brand presented its new collection of fitness trackers, which were designed in cooperation with Swarovski Company, called Swarovski Shine. The aim of this collection is to introduce the fitness fashion accessories, which would enlighten the perfect wrist of fashion conscious ladies.

If you do not know what it is when you first look at the Swarovski Shine, we can ensure that virtually no one will know what you actually carry on your arm. This tiny fitness gadget looks like a sophisticated bracelet decorated with crystals. Also, Shine collection will not be limited to bracelets - the company is planning to offer necklaces and other crystal decorated fitness gadgets. Misfit sensors and monitors, as well as their light, are hidden behind the glittering crystals.

If nothing else, we assume that you are interested in the fact how is Swarovski Shine powered. Transparent versions use the battery like the one that goes into watches. The real innovations are presented on models which are filled with the help of solar energy, and are currently the only available in a purple version. Purple Shine bracelet / fitness tracker is charging if it is exposed to sunlight or halogen or LED lights. This way you are sure that your fitness tracker will never run out of power.

Ordinary fitness trackers are very cheap compared to these decorated with Swarovski crystals. Their prices are now available on request, and each set contains one tracker and accompanying accessories, and the official sales will start in the spring.

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