C Seed presents Indoor Folding TV with a 200.000 dollars price

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If you are an investor, tech writer, or for that matter a PR professional associated with a tech company, CES is undeniably the busiest period of the year. With either of the aforementioned roles you are donning, you are supposed to keep a keen eye on new-age technologies and startups that are ready to take the tech world by storm. This year’s event was no different and saw myriads of new inventions and technologies that graced the floors of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Though, the whole event was centered on AI-integrated gadgets, but that didn’t stop televisions from garnering the limelight. One television that we missed during the scuffle was the N1 137-inch Indoor Folding TV. While LG OLED T and TCL QD-Mini LED TV were in the spotlight, other companies also displayed truly innovative TVs, and C Seed was among those.

It’s not like we’ve never heard of C Seed’s N1 before or didn’t know how awesome it was, but it’s the first time that the Austria-based company brought cutting-edge technology to the grandest tech show of all. C Seed teased the new N1 TV in a concept video back in 2022 and it is now that they debuted their iconic creation.

As previously reported, The N1 is a 4K indoor TV that features C Seed’s Adaptive Gap Calibration technology, which makes the borders between the screen panels disappear to produce seamless big-screen visuals. Functioning as an artistic/furniture piece adding aesthetic to your room, the N1 television would disguise many, who won’t even recognize it as a full-fledged television until it opens up.

As per the company, the transformative 4K indoor TV unfolds within 60 seconds and reaches a height of 7.8 feet. In the next 25 seconds, five silent panels reveal a 137-inch MicroLED display. CNET however calls it to be a compact rectangular chunk when folded and reports it takes about 2 and a half minutes to fold back.

Once unfolded, the 137-inch TV fits seamlessly in front of windows or walls, creating a multi-purpose entertainment space. Boasting integrated audio, and a full control system, it guarantees high picture quality, automatically adjusting brightness around the folds. Furthermore, it features a 180-degree rotation capability, hence making it adaptable to various viewing situations.

When not in use, it discreetly folds back into its base, resembling a mini bench. I am not sure if you can sit on it though! The TV comes in C SEED Silver and C SEED Champagne colors and cost a whopping $200,000. The company also offers a 165-inch ($300,000) or a 103-inch ($110,000) version.

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