Caviar Presents the First Custom Samsung S24 Ultra with a Mechanical Watch and Gold Details

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The renowned brand for customizing mobile phones and other high-tech devices, Caviar, has unveiled its latest edition, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, adorned with a tourbillon and a golden dragon, priced at $15,000.

This new collection is dedicated to the grandeur of the Samsung brand, the dragon among tech companies. As you may already know, Caviar has previously collaborated with Samsung, enhancing their brilliant editions using rare and noble materials. This time, Caviar designers were inspired by the Galaxy Unpacked presentation held on January 17th. In fact, the team pondered how to create a custom Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra that maintains the excellence and grandeur of the Samsung brand.

Thus, the new collection of custom mobile phones was born, named Era of Dragon, which gathers the key symbols of the tech company – stars, time, and dragons. The dragon, considered a symbol of power in the East, perfectly aligns with the Samsung brand. The clocks symbolize time, representing Samsung's time that arrives with their new flagship lineup, while the stars depict the first symbol of the global company, derived from its name – Sam sung translates from Korean as Three Stars.

The flagship model of the Era of Dragon collection is the Samsung S24 Ultra Yong, priced at $15,000. The model is adorned with three stars, a reference to the first Samsung logo, a one-minute tourbillon with a green dial, and a relief of an Eastern dragon covered in 24-karat gold. The dragon is intended to bring luck to all Samsung enthusiasts in the new year, which, according to the Eastern calendar, is the Year of the Green Dragon.

The tourbillon watch adorns the smartphone and represents a complex mechanism that allows for the neutralization of the Earth's gravity effects and precision in timekeeping. It is very challenging to integrate such a watch into the casing of mobile phones, so only 24 models will be released for sale.

The collection is complemented by models adorned with zodiac signs. What connects them to the flagship model is the idea of combining Eastern and Western cultures and the luck brought by the stars. The company combines the wisdom of Western and Eastern traditions to enhance grandeur and success. It is no coincidence that stars were chosen as the main symbol for Samsung, symbolizing happiness.

The price of the flagship model is $15,070, while the price of the zodiac models starts at $9,340.

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