iPhone 15 Pro Collection Inspired by Mafia Movies

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The luxury brand Caviar, based in the capital of opulence and decadence, Dubai, has launched a new collection of customized iPhone 15 Pro models, inspired by mafia movies. This expansion of their Desperado collection, which includes smartphones and accessories, brings models adorned with skulls, blade engravings, and even bullet shots.

Caviar has been creating luxury versions of Apple and Samsung devices for 12 years. Last year, the company delighted users by releasing the Desperado collection with Latin American themes, featuring relief knuckle dusters, switchblade knives, and patterns of bandanas worn by Mexican and Colombian street gangs.

In the latest update named "Desperado Mafia," the brand's designers have placed references to cult movies and series about gangsters on the iPhone 15 Pro body. The new releases include smartphones dedicated to franchises such as "The Godfather," "Peaky Blinders," and "The Untouchables." Decorative weapons like blades and bullet shot traces are also displayed. Of course, all decorative elements are purely ornamental.

The flagship model of the collection is called "Godfather." Black titanium with gold accents, the name "Godfather," and a quote from the eponymous film, "It's not personal, it's strictly business," make it a relic for fans of gangster films and masculinity.

"Revenge" is the second smartphone featuring a golden skull and blade engravings, adorned with the silhouette of Thomas Shelby, the main mafia boss from the popular series "Peaky Blinders." The model's body is made of titanium and decorated with 18-karat gold buttons. This option was first applied by the company in the Desperado Mafia collection for the Godfather and Revenge models.

The blade is not the only "weapon" from the new release. The collection also includes the Capone model, whose body is covered with decorative bullet shots, over which a quote from "The Untouchables" – the movie about Al Capone is applied - "Never stop fighting until the fight is done."

Prices for the updated "gangster" smartphone collection start from $8,060 for the iPhone 15 Pro Capone (128 GB). The most expensive model is the iPhone 15 Pro Max (1 Tb) Revenge, costing $10,270.

*This collection is an artistic fiction of designers, representing exclusively entertaining and decorative nature of the elements, we do not promote weapons and their use.

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