Zeiss Smart Glass: Windows Take on a New Role in the Modern World

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The German pioneer in glass manufacturing, ZEISS, has unveiled its Multifunctional Smart Glass technology at CES 2024...

This smart glass technology has a wide range of applications, particularly in smart homes. The company has developed a patented platform using various micro-optical structures and holographic optical elements that allow the addition of functions such as lighting, projection, filtering, and detection to transparent surfaces.

Holographic functionality can transform any glass surface, like the windows of your home, into a touch-sensitive display for communication. Imagine the windows of your beachfront house turning into a touch-sensitive screen—as if you've stepped into the era of Iron Man.

Other possibilities include creating 3D operating elements such as switches or controllers on black panels using holography. These floating switches only appear when needed and can be activated by voice command or gestures.

You can also place a transparent camera with face recognition on the glass panel of entry doors, which can be useful for home security. The ZEISS Multifunctional Smart Glass technology can do even more in a smart home. It can be used for interior lighting achieved through special holographic decoupling elements in the outer glass, making window glass luminous. These glass surfaces can also generate energy. The micro-optical layer on the window glass absorbs sunlight and transmits it in a concentrated form to the solar cell.

This glass technology can be applied in various smart home applications, such as monitoring the interior and exterior of spaces, video calling on windows and mirrors, adaptive sun filters, etc. The company shares its holographic technology with everyone, so we might see many of its products this year.

ZEISS Multifunctional Smart Glass represents a revolutionary step in smart home technology, offering innovative solutions that transform ordinary glass into interactive surfaces.

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