Aquellum: Saudi upside-down skyscraper like a door leading into another dimension


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Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has just unveiled a project that surpasses even science fiction: a luxury skyscraper, built upside down in a 450-meter-high mountain...

This unique structure can only be accessed by a specially designed vessel, boarding at the world's first floating marina.

Saudi Arabia, with its magnificent mountains and natural beauty, is the perfect combination for a refuge filled with peace, luxury, and a world pleasantly separated from the reality of everyday life. This refuge, known as Aquellum, offers everything one could desire on a vacation and more. It is not just a 5-star hotel; Aquellum is an experience nestled within 450-meter-high mountains in northwestern Saudi Arabia. The mystique of this project begins with how visitors access its location, as they must pass through an underground channel and floating marina, the only one of its kind in the world. A specially designed vessel transports a group into a world of wonders.

Aquellum encompasses an exciting 100-meter-high vertical experience with an impressive courtyard. The underground digitalized community provides top-notch hotel accommodations and luxury apartments for visitors, while also filled with retail spaces, relaxation areas, and entertainment zones.


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One of the main attractions of this futuristic utopia is a space called "The Generator", which includes research laboratories for innovators and creative thinkers. It is indeed a magical space, creatively designed to inspire even more creativity. An internal transportation system assists residents and guests in moving between the upper floors, homes, hotels, and rooftop gardens.

"Aquellum is an ultra-luxury skyscraper turned upside down. The facade is turned inward instead of outward. Things are inverted," says the promotional video. "Visitors will embark on an extraordinary journey, starting from the world's first floating marina. Here guests will board a specially designed vessel to enter Aquellum through a hidden underground channel, discovering a hidden community that offers an incredible sensory journey," according to the promotional material. Aquellum joins a series of exceptional projects that make the most of the coastal location, such as Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, and Norlana, all located in the Gulf of Aqaba.


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