Borghese Contemporary Hotel: A Destination for an Artistic Stay in the Heart of Rome

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Located in the heart of Rome, blending innovative design and artistic culture, Borghese Contemporary Hotel is a unique destination for those who wish to experience art in every aspect of their stay...

Borghese Contemporary Hotel is strategically situated within easy reach of the city's most evocative monuments. Just a few minutes' walk will take you to the Pantheon, the famous shopping street Via Condotti, the nearby Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain.

This four-star boutique hotel embodies the vision of its owners, brothers Romeo and Guglielmo Piperno. "Modern and contemporary art has always been our great interest. Borghese Contemporary Hotel combines our deep passion for art, initially for modern art, and increasingly for contemporary art, with our family's tradition in hospitality," says Guglielmo Piperno, owner.

The name Borghese Contemporary Hotel and its logo strongly resonate with art. The structure is positioned among artistic hotels thanks to the rich collection of exhibited artworks that define it, transforming them not only into decorative elements but into a medium for knowledge and culture, becoming the main attraction in experiencing the essence of the structure.

"Every space is designed with art as its focal point; every environment is connected by an artistic thread with various works that leave a mark and give personality to the spaces. The goal is to present established and new artists," continues Romeo Piperno, owner. From Cameron Welch to Ed Ruscha, Sandra Sanna, Diego Miguel Mirabella, Aaron Young, Félix González-Torres, Travis Fish, Ele De Bernardini, Cristall, Kristine Zimpel, Shadi Al-Atallah, Massimo Listri – numerous names contribute to the hotel's identity with their works, providing a classic style with a modern vision of the structure. The hotel allows for the discovery of international talents, adopting an approach similar to a contemporary art gallery in constant change, thanks to the ongoing search for new artistic collaborations.

Art is felt in every corner of Borghese Contemporary Hotel, in common areas and in rooms and suites, defining their style. Each of the 24 rooms has its own distinct artistic identity. Among them stand out three exceptional suites: the Borghese Suite (209), the Elle Suite (204), and the Picasso Suite (208), paying homage to international artists or evoking cultural elements of the area.

The Borghese Suite, named after the historic building and area where the property is located on Largo della Fontanella di Borghese, is considered the most prestigious and features a work by an Iranian artist, giving the suite an exotic appeal.

The Elle Suite is a tribute to Brazilian artist Ele De Bernardini, conveying the creativity and craftsmanship that characterize her work.

The Picasso Suite is adorned on the walls with a print of a 1960 work by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. The uniqueness of this piece lies in the artist's handwritten signature, adding unique and personal value.

Among the common areas, the lobby features Cameron Welch's work "The Voyager," while the reception and along the grand staircase are works by Sandra Sann and Cristall Odescalchi.

The breakfast room is decorated with "The Clock" by Félix González-Torres, with photographic work by Massimo Listri, an Italian photographer known for his large images of magnificent and empty interior spaces, and other works by Ed Ruscha and Travis Fish.

To discover works by Aaron Young and Diego Miguel Mirabella, guests will need to explore the Lounge Bar and library spaces.

Similar to the common areas on the first floor, the upper floor lobby also contains works by Shadi Al-Atallah, Kristine Zimpel, and Nadjib Ben Ali.

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