Folegandros Welcomes a Luxury Resort That Honors Its Wild Beauty

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With the arrival of summer, Folegandros, a charming and authentic Aegean island, is set to welcome the new luxury resort Gundari, which aims to highlight the island's beauty and offer a unique experience to its guests.

Nestled high in the wilderness of the secluded island of Folegandros, with views over the blue depths of the Aegean Sea, this refuge is designed to inspire and rejuvenate, with wellness, gastronomy, and sustainability at its core.

Inspired by the beauty of the island and seamlessly integrated into the natural surroundings, the resort appears to float above the Aegean Sea. The design office Block722 utilized rich natural materials to create 27 apartments and villas with authentic Cycladic simplicity, connected to the land that surrounds them. The philosophy behind the entire project is intimacy, tranquility, and elegance, making Gundari the embodiment of quiet luxury.

At Gundari, the experience is not limited to accommodation. Michelin-starred chef Lefteris Lazarou will oversee the hotel's culinary offerings. The goal is to create a diverse menu that will take guests on a journey through the flavors and scents of Greek cuisine.

Beyond luxury and enjoyment, Gundari is committed to the protection and development of the environment. Its dedication to sustainability includes initiatives for the protection and regeneration of the island's natural environment.

Gundari promises a unique accommodation experience, respecting the host island. With a commitment to luxury, authenticity, and ecological sensitivity, it offers an escape that will remain memorable in the minds of every visitor. Opening its doors this summer, the Gundari hotel is yet another reason to visit the enchanting island of Folegandros.

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