Exclusive Look: Mykonos 10 Most Desired Villas!

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Mykonos never stops hypnotising visitors with its profound natural appeal and unprecedented levels of glam and glitz that attract the world’s most elite and popular. Jet-setters, celebrities, and even sheikhs make Mykonos a must-stop in their summer vacations.

In the place where the scent of the sea intertwines with the allure of Grecian beauty, one will find exclusive retreats that promise a luxurious journey, offering an escape into a world of opulence and splendour – perfect for the discerning traveller. Here are ten of the most spellbinding, luxury villas that adorn the hillsides and beachfront locations of the Queen of the Cyclades. According to this article we have made 10 best villas in Mykonos from our exclusive look.

#10. The Serenity of Villa Dandy: Beachfront Elegance

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Tucked in the prestigious Kanalia region, Villa Dandy is a sanctuary of peace, with direct beach access. Its design harmoniously blends stone facades and wooden pergolas with chic-milky-white interiors. It boasts multiple outdoor and indoor dining and sitting areas, plush loungers, and beamed ceilings, encapsulating elegance and contemporary style.

#9. Villa Atelier: A Stone’s Throw From Mykonos Town

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Villa Atelier, located a mere 10-minute drive from the vibrant capital, Mykonos Town, is the embodiment of refined style and chicness. Its infinity pool offers jaw-dropping views of the Aegean Sea, while the mansion’s design follows traditional Mykonian architecture. You will also be greeted with alfresco dining areas, shaded pergolas, and expansive windows, creating a space of stellar comfort and luxury.

#8. Villa Siena: Urban Convenience in a Luxurious Package

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For those seeking the heartbeat of the island, Villa Siena is unmatched. Situated just 100 metres from the town’s cobbled streets and social hotspots, it provides a luxurious haven with spectacular coastal views, private parking, a stunning pool, and a lush garden, all wrapped up in high-end amenities.

#7. Villa Mirella: Grandeur for Events and Retreats

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In the serene Kalafatis area, Villa Mirella stands as a beacon of exclusivity and grace. This sprawling estate, with a private chapel and helipad, is perfect for memorable events. It accommodates up to 28 guests with lavish suites, a wine cellar, an in-house chef, and mesmerising sunset views.

#6. Magnum Estate: Elegance on a Grand Scale

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Magnum Estate in the Kalo Livadi province is a testament to opulent living. It features three massive infinity pools, 34 deluxe ensuite bedrooms, and a top-tier sound system. With facilities like a pool bar, spa area, and seafront location, it caters perfectly to large gatherings without sacrificing privacy or comfort.

#5. Villa Placido: Secluded Splendour in Agrari

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If you are desiring a private haven, this is your chance. Villa Placido offers a luxurious escape, while encompassing you with the raw beauty of Mykonos and its iconic Cycladic architecture. The fab mansion features an infinity pool, a private gym, and full VIP amenities. It’s an ideal spot for those who wish to connect with the cosmos in a setting of understated luxury.

#4. Rock n Roll Estate: Panoramic Perfection

Overlooking Kalo Livadi Bay in southern Mykonos, the magnetic 2000-square-metre Rock ‘n Roll Estate will shower you with a magnificent panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. This luxurious abode consists of lavish villas and guest houses, each with deluxe amenities and modern furnishings.

Undeniably, Rock ‘n Roll Estate is an epitome of architectural grace, featuring an infinity pool that seems to merge with the sea, elegant outdoor lounge areas, and interiors adorned with contemporary art and sophisticated décor. A private gym, jacuzzi, a private church, pool bar, and top-tier sound system, make it the perfect option if you appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy both privacy and stunning vistas.

#3. Villa Brigitte: Blissful Living in Utmost Luxury

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Combining modern elegance with traditional Greek island charm, Villa Brigitte is a party and refined style lover’s dream come true. Wooden floors, a beautiful garden inviting to endless leisurely strolls, chalky-white exteriors, rustic furnishings, and 18 opulent en-suite bedrooms combine with three pools, multiple fully-equipped kitchens, children’s playrooms, and even a wood fire BBQ and private terraces for alfresco ventures and sunset gatherings that have no end!

#2. Villa ID: A Tranquil Oasis

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Just 200 metres from Glyfadi Beach, Villa ID in Aleomandra is a sanctuary of peacefulness and lavishness. The stylish venue comes with two levels, each offering privacy and elegance. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape and cutting your breath with amazing sea views, the chic mansion boasts an elegant design with a focus on natural light and space. It welcomes guests with amenities like a professional kitchen, two infinity pools, a heated jacuzzi, a unique pool bar, an outdoor dining area, and multiple relaxation zones, making it perfect for families or groups focusing on calm Greek island experiences.

#1. Villa Ines: The Ultimate in Modern Luxury

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Villa Ines stands as a modern masterpiece in the scenic Kastro area, offering iconic sunrises from its massive wooden deck. The lavish mansion blends cutting-edge design with luxurious amenities, including a state-of-the-art kitchen, a pool bar, a tennis court, three pools, and even a helipad and a Presidential Suite boasting a jacuzzi and stunning pool and sea views. The outdoor area also features chic lounging spaces, a portable BBQ, and an alfresco dining setup, all designed to provide the most in comfort and style.

Final Thoughts

Mykonos is a dream land, however one sees it. Regardless of the type of experience you are after when visiting the Island of the Winds, chances are your expectations will be surpassed by far. Here you can find the best places to stay in Mykonos according to your expectations. Of course, the accommodation options could not fall short on the glam and luxury that has been seamed into the island’s core and its legendary VIP lifestyle, giving each moment a glitz that you just can’t resist (and why should you!).

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