A break in this Chinese resort is all we need right now

We are all tired of sitting in front of our computer screens, while dreaming of escaping from the city to relax our body and mind, wandering in search of peace...

ZJJZ Atelier has created a series of lodges in the forests of Jiangxi in China, called The Seeds, which are the perfect place for isolation and a healthy dose of introspection. These lodges were inspired by natural forms, in order to be a perfect echo of their scenic and idyllic natural environment.

The lodges are lined with pine shingles and reflective aluminium, and are specially designed as part of the Tree Wow Hotel. This is the second collaboration between the hotel and the ZJJZ studios, as they have applied a similar concept to the charming and imaginative Mushroom project.

As an innovative retro accommodation, lodges are becoming increasingly popular among millennials, who choose them rather than hotels with numerous stars in their categorization, precisely because of the privacy and isolation they offer. Inspired by nature, they float in the air and lean on stilts. They can be reached via an external staircase, the surface of which is lined with reflective aluminium tiles. What is especially interesting is the fact that their interiors are decorated with thin strips of wood.

The lodges contain a bedroom, a bathroom and plenty of storage space, while there is also an attic part where you can really relax and be alone with nature and your own thoughts. In addition, there is a large opening in the front, which leads you to a circular terrace.

Moreover, each lodge is adorned with multiple small and large windows, which give you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the forest. The main area contains a bed, a bathtub and an armchair overlooking the terrace. As we write this article, we can imagine ourselves enjoying our favourite book and cup of hot tea or coffee right here, while the natural beauty is slowly covered by a gentle layer of snow...

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