A magnificent and serene resort in Mexico

Set in 13 lodges, nestled among mango and palm trees, it forms something that can be described as a very charming and serene resort…

If this site sounds appealing to you, know that it is located in Mexico, or in Cabo San Lucas. The project, simply called Tree Houses, was developed by fabriKG's architectural studio and completed in 2016. This is a project that reminds us of all the imaginative uses of bamboo in architecture and design, which you will see for yourself after a glance at our gallery.

All thirteen units share the same style and design aesthetic. They have light steel structures that lift them off the ground and place them in the tree canopy. The exteriors of the lodges are wrapped in reed that adds a layer of texture to their design and gives them the ability to blend in more beautifully and more easily with their natural surroundings. There is a wonderful and direct connection to nature that defines the whole project, and this would definitely not be possible without the mini jungle growing just in this locality.

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