Adult only: Top 5 resorts where children are out of place

If you want a holiday in peace and quiet where all the focus is on you, consider visiting one of the adults-only hotels that promise lazy mornings, relaxing romantic dinners and cocktails as much as you want…

Sometimes, as many parents will affirm, going on holiday with your kids is not really a real vacation. You have to make sure that the kids are not bored, that they are healthy, that they are not hungry, that they are well behaved, that they are bathed and everything else you already do at home every day. Therefore, while you may be taking a break from your job, you have no respite from your other responsibilities and cannot recharge your batteries properly.

Even if you do not have kids, crying in the middle of a restaurant during a romantic dinner or having a frantic children's play in the pool with all the splashing and shouting as you try to nap in the shade after one or two mojitos can ruin your whole experience. Many people find that children should not be in the company of adults in numerous situations, which is why resorts dedicated only to those who are already independent experience incredible success.

If you are dreaming of one such vacation, where you will wake up with the rays of the sun, the smell of hot coffee or your partner's kisses around noon, we suggest you visit one of the resorts on our list, which will do its best to make you happy and satisfied.

Vana Retreat, Himalayas, India

No technology? No negativity? Just enjoyment? Well, this is exactly what the Vana Resort in India offers you, which is a world leader when it comes to thinking and connecting with yourself. Children at this resort are not welcome, and upon arrival, guests are assigned a personal wellness plan based on Ayurveda, Chinese and Tibetan medicine. The days are spent enjoying ancient spa treatments, yoga, meditation, exercise and superb healthy cuisine. Hiking and tennis are also available to anyone who wants to spend a little more energy, though the focus here is on quiet introspection.

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

This resort is a true paradise for adults only. Beautifully hidden in natural beauty in the form of dramatic forests and wildflowers, this resort gives you the opportunity to opt out of everything in the beautiful rooms decorated with recycled sequoia, where TVs have been replaced with magnificent ocean views. Relaxing next to one of the three heated pools can be an overture for enjoying a rejuvenation massage. Optionally, you can embark on a whale watching adventure, after which you can enjoy a romantic evening.

Qualia, Whitsunday, Australia

Occupying its own peninsula on Hamilton Island in Australia, not far from the Great Barrier Reef, Qualia is a simple paradise for adults only. The lush surroundings of the nearby beach, ocean and jungle will give you the opportunity to feel like a modern Robinson Crusoe, while the resort itself is designed to blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings. Here you can enjoy water sports and a spa, two restaurants and more.

Monastero Santa Rosa, Hotel Italy

Given the superior position of this resort, on the cliff above the Amalfi Coast, it is accessible only to those 16 and older. As one of the most luxurious hotels in the region, it will delight you with its glamor as soon as you step inside. Everything we can notice about this location is fantastic: a heated infinity pool overlooking the beach, terraced beaches with private compartments, an outdoor gym and unmistakable Italian cuisine will delight you in all dimensions.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Malolo Island, Fiji

If you are heading to this resort, be prepared for a great dose of seduction thanks to the bungalows above the water, beach houses and sea views, which are designed to turn couples away from reality. In addition to enjoying your lounger on the private patio, you can dive into Likuliku Lagoon, visit local villages, explore more nearby islands, or participate in a traditional coffee ceremony.

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