Aera - a unique concept of vertical resort

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When it comes to resorts, the first things that come to mind are probably places like forests, beaches, mountains, that is, basically, places related to the natural environment...

This is understandable, because we want to escape from the busy city and reconnect with nature and our essence. However, Aera, OBMI Innovation Lab's first vertical resort concept, has a different take on the notion. This model is a pioneer when it comes to city vacation hot-spots and is an integrated resort in an urban centre that reduces the carbon footprint, provides wellness through intimate access to nature and access to an oasis without the need for a long journey.

The use of vertical architecture minimizes footprint in areas where land is precious in value and availability. This reduces the impact on the environment and the surrounding land, encouraging domestic travel.

Aera's design includes seven districts: dining, art, fashion, drama, garden, wellness and family, and the sky deck includes a pool with a bird's-eye view of the city to intrigue travellers and locals alike. This space will serve as a unique place to escape from the city within the city itself, with pedestrian paths lined with greenery that provide a true sense of hiding from the stresses and challenges of the metropolis.

Just like a typical resort in an exotic destination, Aera offers something for the whole family. There is recreational entertainment for all ages, lavish spa offerings and a host of culinary experiences.

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