Aerial - new resort in the heart of Eden

Viewed together, the British Virgin Islands are the unofficial privacy capital of the Caribbean…

Their roster of five-star resorts is the highlight when it comes to the luxury of peace and quiet, with many located on their own islands. The most famous among them is Necker, which was bought by Richard Branson when he had less than 30 years, and which now has enough space for 40 guests. Extreme sports enthusiasts should rent Eustatia Island instead, which has its own water sports centre, where you can engage in any activity under the supervision of instructors and professionals. Nautical enthusiasts, from October, will be able to enjoy the nine-room Saba Rock, which was established as a diving base in the 1960s, before being transformed into a hotel, while Guana, with its 343 hectares, acts as a private kingdom or republic for a maximum of thirty-five people...

All of these resorts reopen after a long period of coronavirus. Hurricane Irma razed them to the ground four years ago, tearing down numerous trees with all their roots, destroying and seriously damaging more than 85% of buildings. And while their recovery was relatively quick, the pandemic arrived on the scene and brought its doom. Now that the British Virgin Islands have finally opened, we have the opportunity to enjoy an additional bonus - the newest among veteran resorts - Aerial.

Located on Buck Island, southeast of Tortola, this resort was listed for purchase after the death of the previous owner, with a price of 25 million dollars, when it was bought by thirty-three-year-old Britney Turner. The Nashville businesswoman has been fascinated by this part of the world since her first visit. In fact, after the devastating effect of Hurricane Irma, Turner immediately came to the aid of this territory, moving there so that she could do even more.

The new hotel aims to support her mission: “The purpose of this island has never been my personal escape, nor a place to hide. The purpose has always been to create as much good as possible for our planet, “explains Turner, who has transformed her private island into a place where up to 30 people will be able to regenerate and recharge their batteries. The five residences, each with stone walls and wooden floors, are deliberately open to the sea breezes, bringing a touch of nature into each of their rooms. Unexpected details, such as swings instead of a seating area and a recording studio, bring a touch of magic to their ambience. These buildings are also grouped to protect the natural environment, which is heavily forested. Turner is currently building several detached villas, each of which can play a dual role - it can be a spa or an oversized, ultra-private apartment.

Otherwise, the entire property functions sustainably, with food coming from island farms. It offers a range of wellness programs, from light therapy to ambient healing. Guests are encouraged to contribute to the local community, in any way. Turner hopes that other entrepreneurs who plan to open their resorts, and even those who are already hardened owners, will follow her example and turn their business around.

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