Bespoke vacation in the heart of Balinese jungle

If you are looking for the perfect place to rest once the story with the corona virus is over, the world will become a whole new place for you…

Numerous hotels have announced their opening dates just this year, joining us in some way in celebrating life. The award-winning camp, Capella Ubud in Bali, recently launched The Lodge, a new addition designed to offer the answer to all the desires and cravings of its adventurous guests, who want to be surrounded by luxury and style in a peaceful and virtually untouched environment.

The main theme of the new lodge is its exoticism, accompanied by an oriental color scheme and unusual design. Bill Bensley conceptualized a two-bedroom tent based on the history of the property owners, who were of Chinese descent. Combined with the terraced landscape of Bali, The Lodge offers magnificent and unobstructed views of the Keliki Valley. It features an open-plan living area, a master bedroom and an additional twin room, two bathrooms featuring a Japanese bathtub and a bathtub created from hand-crafted copper.

The Al-fresco lounge with its refreshment bar offers a large open terrace with two large sofas, which will be set up as the perfect place to enjoy the tranquil rainforest landscape, accompanied by the sounds of nature and the Wos River flowing below. The lodge has its own pool with salt water.

Guests of the lodge will have the opportunity to enjoy a uniquely tailored experience, which is carefully balanced by tradition and modern conveniences and technology. High-speed wireless internet is available here at the same time, along with traditional local delicacies.

When you want to separate yourself from the real world to the extent you want, know that this magnificent camp is the perfect place to do so.

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