Brit's Lambo got confiscated - he went home on foot, while crying

If you are the owner of an exotic car worth several hundred thousand dollars, but you are too stupid or stingy to pay taxes, then at least be careful and drive it so as not to attract the attention of everyone present and the police...

One owner of a Lamborghini from Great Britain thought that it would be a good idea to brag about his Italian supercar for which he did not pay taxes, while he was going to the car show, but as you can guess, his idea did not have good consequences. The yellow Lamborghini Aventador Roadster was stopped by the police because he was driving and endangering other traffic participants on Monday morning. According to the police units, the driver had already been warned twice because of his activities, but apparently that did not bear fruit, so he had to learn the lesson the hard way.

Police officers found that no tax was paid for the Lamborghini because it was “too expensive”. The Aventador Roadster can cost from $ 410,000 and up, while the annual tax comes to a figure of around $ 700, which is a change from the store compared to the maintenance prices of this Italian beauty. The vehicle was then seized in accordance with Article 60 of the Police Reform Act of 2002, and the owner went home on foot, in tears.

The police department also posted photos of Lamborghini on their official Twitter account, where we can see the model with the doors open. By the way, this is not the first Lamborghini to be seized by British police officers for unpaid taxes. In March this year, the black Aventador SV was confiscated due to almost a year of arrears of taxes.

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