Moscow Metropol Hotel is one of the most important features of the Russian capital...

Opened back in 1901, this hotel, which is a unique Art Nouveau structure, was built and decorated by the best architects and artists of the era. This is the biggest Moscow hotel built before the revolution in 1917 and it still has an aura of power and grandeur reminiscent of those times.

It is located in the heart of the city, near important places such as the Bolshoi Theatre, Red Square and the Kremlin. It consists of 390 rooms and suites. Accommodation units are divided by categories, ranging from standard rooms to Executive and Presidential suites. All rooms have a unique layout and decoration, but they are some common elements - a high level of comfort and luxury amenities offered.

Also, within this hotel, there are several restaurants and bars, as well as several banquet rooms that are perfect for family gatherings and parties.

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