Discover traditional Italian luxury in the Hotel Castelo di Reschio

The new hotel is located within a thousand years old Italian castle…

Hotel Castello di Reschio is a perfect vision of Umbria - it is a striking castle with stone walls, set against the backdrop of ancient green hills. Occupying a thousand-year-old restored castle, Hotel Castello di Reschio is part of the ancient Reschio estate - which occupies 1,500 hectares of hills, valleys and forests. Originally purchased by Count Antonio Bolza 25 years ago, the entire estate has undergone a fundamental transformation in an attempt to restore it to its former glory, a process led by Antonio's son, Count Benedict and his wife Donna Nencia.

Rebuilding the castle is the latest part of this family’s intention to hasten a new dose of life to this beautiful part of the world. Using their artistic background (Count Benedict is a trained architect and Donna an artist), the duo provided a new level of elegance to the hotel, employing a team of outstanding local craftsmen, carpenters, stonemasons and tile makers to help bring their vision to life. The result is a flawlessly modern space that celebrates contemporary elegance while remaining true to the building’s true history.

In addition to their stunning interiors, the Bolza family has made an effort to ensure guests enjoy the surrounding property, from exciting nature-based activities to serving ingredients grown on the estates in various restaurants and bars. Despite the elements of style and sophistication at the Castello di Reschio, in the spirit of true Italian hospitality, the destination remains a solid family hotel, and children of all ages are welcome to enjoy a taste of a truly free lifestyle.

As you would expect from a hotel that relies so much on the natural world, sustainability is at the heart of the Castello di Reschio: the overall renovation is envisioned to have little impact, relying on existing structures wherever possible; the Bolza family has also made every effort to ensure that the locality and tradition are celebrated wherever possible.

The hotel offers a total of 36 meticulously designed rooms and suites, located in the castle building or in the adjoining vestibule of the nearby church of San Michele. Not only does each Castello di Reschio accommodation exude a contemporary style, but it also reflects the long history of the castle and the characters who resided in it.

Pieces of custom furniture and fashion accessories of the 21st century blend seamlessly with antique treasures and authentic touches such as wooden beams and terracotta floors for a charming and incredibly chic result. Each of the suites offers its own added luxury: for example, all the individually designed Castello apartments have decadent bathtubs, while each of the aptly named Grand apartments offers a beautiful view of the Umbrian hills.

However, although all rooms and suites are undoubtedly special, Tower Suite is the top offer. Occupying five floors of the tallest hotel building, the tower, the Tower Suite covers 193 square meters and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a bar in the room, a spacious living room and a study. The real highlight of the suite, however, is its private roof garden, which offers a 360 ° view of the Umbrian landscape, which is best enjoyed in the outdoor bathtub.

The hotel has two main restaurants: Ristorante Alle Scuderie serves simple yet elegant food in a rustic, green setting, while the partially covered Ristorante Al Castello offers traditional Italian dishes with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. In addition to more formal dining options, guests can enjoy an aperitif in the glamorous Bar Centrale, indulge in afternoon tea at the Palm Court courtyard bar or a light snack at the Il Torrino pool bar.

The hotel is equally attentive in its beverage offerings, and the estate’s vineyards produce an outstanding selection of bright reds and roses. They were joined on the extensive wine list by lesser-known Italian labels from organic and biodynamic producers, all of which were specially selected by the resident sommelier’s resume. Guests can enjoy a special wine tasting at the intimate Enoteca - Reschio wine shop.

As you would expect from a hotel located in the heart of a spacious country estate, guests of all ages at the Castello di Reschio are unlikely to have any complaints or too much free, unfulfilled time. Equestrian enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear that Reschio has stables with some of the finest purebred Spanish horses in the world. Guests can attend one of the first-class dressage shows, take part in horse riding lessons at the horse school or - for an alternative way of enjoying the wonders of the estate - join guided horseback riding through the wilderness.

When the weather outside is not so pleasant, retreat to the attractive library of the Castello di Reschio, where you can tuck yourself into a cozy corner with a good book in hand. Alternatively, visit the Reschio cooking school located next to the Ristorante Alle Scuderie. Here, guests can learn how to look for ingredients before transforming them into a delicious dish using classic Italian cooking techniques.

The castle’s ancient wine cellars have been transformed into The Bathhouse, which draws on the tradition of Roman baths to create a peaceful haven. At the heart of the stone-walled spa is a large saltwater pool that invites guests to float gently through its warm waters to achieve a Zen sense of calm.

Hotel Castello di Reschio has an outdoor pool, located right in front of the castle walls. Designed so that the water gently crosses its boundaries into the surrounding grass, the pool, which is bordered by pine trees, perfectly matches the organic, natural feeling that the entire hotel exudes.

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