Enjoy in the Hidden Garden of Buenos Aires

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Once upon a time, Francis Ford Coppola, called this resort in Buenos Aires his summer house, and he even lived here for two years...

But Jarin Escondido (Hidden Garden), has gone a long way since then, and now invites guests from all over the world to come to visit and enjoy the Argentine way of life, the beautiful and trendy Palermo Soho neighborhood. Visiting Buenos Aires has perhaps been on your wish list for a long time, but now you definitely have to accomplish that desire. Lush environment of Palermo Soho is irresistible for everyone, and this is the heart of the shopping district of the city, with great restaurants, bars and boutiques at your fingertips.

However, when you enter this enchanting boutique hotel, you’ll forget about its environment and all of your concerns. This residence offers guests a warm welcome in the best possible way, so you might be disappointed when you hear that here there are only seven apartments. On the other hand, maybe you’ll be glad, because you know what kind of service you can expect. Each suite has a unique decor and is named after a member of Coppola clan.

With this in mind, you should know that "Francis” apartment, or an apartment in which Ford Coppola stayed, features a king-size bed, private balcony overlooking the garden and terrace which is ideal for those who are engaged in writing, painting, or simply prefer to sit and think in peace and quiet.

With three levels, each with its own garden, a small pool and the open kitchen with a barbecue, Jardin Escondido boutique hotel contains everything you need.

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