Enjoy in the hidden nooks of Fiji

If this year of quarantine, social distancing and caution has made you fantasize about traveling like never before, we have the right thing for you…

It's Kokomo Private Island Resort in Fiji, which is now available for rent for a great $ 65,000 a day, and which includes world-class accommodation, top services and the best of nature - all under one roof.

Located on the islands of Kadavu, south of the mainland of Fiji, it covers a total of 140 hectares. The resort is surrounded by the great Astrolabe Reef, known for its world-class fishing and diving. Guests can also indulge in surfing, sailing and kayaking, watching the stunning waterfalls during their stay.

There are 21 villas on the island with one to three bedrooms, each with its own terrace and infinity pool. Also, the resort features five new luxury residences from three to six bedrooms that offer panoramic ocean views and 5.5. hectares of land. The resort can be booked for a total of 120 guests at once.

In addition to water sports, guests can also enjoy exercise, spa treatments and wellness consultations, or walk the many scenic trails across the property. Want a holiday in Fiji before the end of the year?

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