Ethimo collaborates with Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe

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As part of the AQVA SPA's remarkable renovation and expansion project at the prestigious five-star Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe in Gardone Riviera, on Lake Garda, Ethimo was chosen to contribute. This momentous occasion coincided with the hotel's 135th anniversary and 15 years since the inauguration of its wellness center.

The extensive restyling aimed to transform the SPA into a wellness flagship, with a generous 3,600 square meters dedicated to relaxation and well-being. The reconfiguration of spaces allowed for improved differentiation of functions, catering to guests' privacy and usability needs, and expanded the range of activities, treatments, and services available.

Great care was taken in selecting furnishings, accessories, technologies, materials, and finishes that define the ambiance of the renovated AQVA SPA, all based on a sustainable and environmentally friendly design approach. In line with this philosophy, the newly appointed rooms dedicated to the well-being of body and mind at the Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe were adorned with some of Ethimo's most iconic collections. These included the Swing furnishings, a collaboration with Patrick Norguet, the Esedra lounge armchairs designed by Luca Nichetto, and the versatile Allaperto collection created by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.

Ethimo's expertise in providing tailored fittings for the high-end hospitality industry, both nationally and internationally, combined with the flexibility of their customized solutions, ensured that their furnishings perfectly complemented the project's concept while harmonizing with the location's architecture and history.

This partnership embraced the use of high-quality outdoor materials, such as FSC-certified teak, meticulous attention to detail, and a sustainable approach. Ethimo's solutions brought to life welcoming and refined environments, spaces imbued with a sense of relaxation and the captivating essence of "The Good Life," a theme that resonates throughout their collections.

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