Far away from the light and noise of the modern world: a new luxury mountain resort in Saudi Arabia

Nowadays, in order for one hotel to be special and stand out from the crowd of others, it must really give its best and offer an unusual experience to each of its guests…

The new resort, designed by the Red Sea Development Company from Saudi Arabia, located in the mountains, does just that. Aptly named The Desert Rock Resort, this concept includes a luxury hotel that will be carved into the rocky slopes of the mountain, and will offer its guests the most dramatic desert landscapes in the world. It is part of The Red Sea Project initiative, which aims to glorify and celebrate the unique nature and Nabataea heritage.

Commenting on this new project, John Pagano, CEO of Red Sea Development Company, said: “Since the beginning of the Desert Rock project, which combines luxury, sustainability and a comprehensive experience for our guests, they are at the heart of his story. We can't wait to welcome guests who will be able to enjoy their vacation in this unique location. "

Inspired by the beautiful mountains, volcanoes and nearby wadis, the Desert Rock resort will feature 48 villas and 12 hotel suites. It will offer panoramic views of the impeccable environment along with top-notch amenities, including a world-class spa and fitness centre, dining at remote destinations and enjoying true oases and lagoons.

Chad Oppenheim, founder of Oppenheim Architecture, the design and planning company behind the project, said: “Desert Rock offers an unprecedented opportunity for guests to connect physically and metaphysically with the world’s most dramatic desert landscapes.” Our key intention when designing this resort was to build with land, and not on it, and to take care of the strong and magnificent natural elements that already exist there, further enhancing their innate beauty."

Completely integrated into its rocky environment, the architecture of this resort aims to preserve the magnificent silhouette of the natural landscape by using natural materials wherever possible. The structure is further designed to achieve the highest level of certification when it comes to the use of clean and renewable energy, and has been developed to reduce energy consumption and regenerate indigenous flora.

As part of the first phase, the concept will feature 16 hotels, which will be completed by 2023. With the completion of the entire project planned for 2030, the destination will consist of 50 resorts, offering up to 8,000 hotel rooms and more than 1,000 residential properties on 22 islands and six mainland locations.

Construction of the Desert Rock Resort has already begun in July this year, and the first guests will be welcomed at the end of next year. We have to admit we are excited!

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