First look at the new Ritz-Carlton Maldives

The Ritz-Carlton opened its first property in the Maldives just a few days ago, located in an ideal place, which will really make you think you are in paradise…

This villa-only resort will offer you everything you could want from a tropical paradise - white sand beaches, crystal blue lagoons, accommodation units above the water and on the beach, as well as sublime options you would expect from a luxury brand such as Ritz-Carlton. As we can see in these first photos, the resort is characterized by a modern design signed by Australian architect Carrie Hill, who got the inspiration for the spherical buildings from the circular shapes of the lagoon, the ocean breeze and the cyclical nature of island life.

Since virtually every luxury brand already has its estates in the Maldives, the Ritz-Carlton has deliberately waited to enter that market only now. “We have been planning to expand our business to this locality for a long time, and as we continue to enrich our portfolio, this was the perfect time to debut in the Maldives, as luxury travel enthusiasts are right now looking for meaningful exploration and reconnection, as well as destinations which offer open spaces and natural beauty,” explains Donna McNamara, vice president and global leader of the Ritz-Carlton brand.

Explaining how Ritz-Carlton will differ from other five-star options in the Maldives, McNamara says that “thoughtful expansions will continue to remain a top priority for the brand. We want every Ritz-Carlton property to be an ideal place to enjoy unique cultures. I love that from the moment you step into one of our resorts, you immediately feel connected to the destination where it is located. The Maldives offers much more than a beautiful natural environment, because they are focused on reviving a rich culture for all our guests”.

In order to connect with the destination in the right way, guests from each of the 100 villas will have the opportunity to enjoy twenty-four hours of dedicated aris meeh, or personal butler, who can organize activities such as cooking school, performances at sunset, cricket matches or art workshop sessions. Together with the organic products of the Bamford brand, the ring shaped spa with 9 rooms, which floats above the lagoon, performs targeted treatments using local ingredients, such as heated sand, fresh coconut and indigenous herbs. Guests of all ages will be able to enjoy underwater entertainment around the resort, where there is a pod of dolphins, and all activities will be led by Jean-Michel Cousteau's ambassadors, with whom Ritz-Carlton has a long cooperation.

The four sections of the resort include a dedicated “culinary island”, where there are seven restaurants serving dishes from Japan, Italy, India, Lebanon and China. A large children's club, tennis courts, a photo studio with equipment you can rent and water sports facilities complete the offer, while each villa has its own private pool, outdoor and indoor showers, al-fresco space to enjoy, access to the beach or hammocks above the water .

To help preserve this destination, the resort is designed to minimally affect the reef ecosystem using pre-manufactured materials and special construction techniques, using solar panels, glazes and other sustainable methods. One night at the new Ritz-Carlton Resort will cost you $ 1,500 at least and $ 22,500 at most.

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