First seven star hotel in Shanghai

Wang Sicong, the son of the wealthiest Chinese man, Wang Jianlin, spent around 516.7 million dollars for building this extravagant hotel...

Furnished with the finest, most extravagant, opulent and modern interiors and amenities, this hotel offers only the best. The building itself was designed by the renewed British architect Norman Robert, and as all hotels of today, this one offers amazing and charming hotel over the Huangpu river and the Pudong skyline.

This amazing hotel consists f 193 luxury rooms, including 14 suits. It will also offer five modern restaurants, including „Marc“ led by a French chef Marc Meneau, as well as „He“ which will offer contemporary Japanese cuisine envisioned by chef Kaiseki Yoshiyuki, and of course, River Drunk, which will be serving typical Huaiyang cuisine with a dash of Jiangnan dishes.

Other amenities of this top notch hotel are a grandiose ball room, three conference rooms and the long awaited and most wanted Club Reign, meant for those VIP lovers of luxury.

Whether you like it or not, the Chinese are slowly conquering the world and they want to let us know what they are capable of. Maybe, in some future, the whole world will become one humongous China Town. 

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