Forget about high heels – Christian Louboutin is opening a hotel this spring

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The hotel with only 13 rooms is located in the charming village of Melides…

Christian Louboutin decided to take a step beyond the world of luxury fashion and embark on an adventure in the hospitality industry. The famous French-Egyptian fashion designer, best known for his luxury red-soled shoes, has announced plans to open a new hotel in Portugal. Named Vermelho, which means red in Portuguese, this hotel is in a way a tribute to the soles of the famous Louboutin shoes. Like models with stiletto heels or oxfords, this new hotel will be incredibly stylish as well.

Located in the tiny village of Melides, Mr. Louboutin discovered Vermelho quite by accident. This designer lives a Nomad lifestyle, and came across the building while traveling through this region in the late 1980s. A few years later, he decided to buy himself a home in that part of the world, and not long after that he moved his studio as well. Four years ago, Louboutin bought another small house that he decided to transform into a restaurant, but the mayor of Melides encouraged him to open a hotel, and Vermelho was born.

Louboutin hired his long-time friend and architect Madalena Caiado to design the hotel, imbuing his famous aesthetics throughout the space. The interior combines wooden floors, custom-made mosaics and hand-painted murals, with an assortment of beautiful North African and European antiques.

The boutique hotel has only 13 rooms spread over three levels, but no two are identical. Here you can expect a vibrant colour palette and statement pieces, such as four-poster beds or rattan monkey tables.

Additionally, the massage suites pay homage to Louboutin's Egyptian heritage, with alabaster walls and soothing caramel tones. Here, guests can enjoy numerous treatments that will give them the opportunity to really rest and relax. When hunger strikes, you can visit the Xtian restaurant, which will satisfy your palate with eclectic dishes such as octopus salad, lamb chops and braised sardines. Outside, you can relax in the beautiful garden created by Louboutin's friend and landscape architect Louis Benes.

By the way, Louboutin plans to open two more hotels in this part of the world, one of which will be designed by Olivia Putman, the daughter of French designer Andree Putman, and is expected to be completed in 2024. Until then, we can enjoy Vermelho, which opens its doors on April 1.

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