Give in to the wonders of Calistoga Ranch

Enchanting Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley is a place where you will grow more in a week than many will in a lifetime...

With enchanting surroundings, raw, wooden elements, warm fireplaces and an incredible atmosphere, in addition to an excellent wine offer, after your stay here, you will feel improved and reborn.

People who live in Napa know that life here is much more than just enjoyment. A visit to a hotel in this location is a personal and intimate experience, where independent lodges for guests introduce nature into their rustic design, and are surrounded by paths that are more than ideal for a relaxing walk. The surroundings of this resort are no less wonderful than the refined vineyard, which readily welcomes its guests, who want to learn and experience all the joys of winemaking.

Each of the independent guest lodges also has an outdoor shower, set in a private garden, a decadent gazebo, which is ideal for enjoying a glass of wine and a view of the moon.

Your trip and vacation experience will be completed with a visit to this resort's spa, where the natural minerals of local waters combine with organic elements to create treatments that will make you feel and look younger. Within this resort, you have the option of meditating in any location, as well as hiking through the mountains, in addition to numerous other activities.

The Lakehouse Restaurant, which is part of this resort, will cater to your every gastronomic whim, offering you ingenious food, combined with a view of the lake. Once your palate and taste buds experience the unexpected impact and explosion of aromas that will be served to you from local ingredients, you will begin to consider this place a paradise.

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