Glamping has never been this luxurious

Escaping from chaos and reconnecting with nature has never looked so glamorous…

Near the Grand Canyon, a property measuring about 20 hectares will soon contain 10 magnificent glass pyramids with controlled temperature, which will offer an incredible view of the desert and the night sky. Called Nomad’s Pad, this solar project that has recently achieved its goal of raising money, plans to offer its guests glass pyramids filled with comfort and luxury, for the ultimate glamping experience. The limited number of pyramids tells us that guests are spread out so that everyone can enjoy amazing views of their surroundings, with the possibility of total privacy - with the touch of a button, the pyramid's glass walls become coloured and opaque, thanks to smart glass technology.

Constructed with the principles of passive houses for maximum efficiency in mind, each pyramid will have its own air conditioning, comfortable bed, luxury bedding, separate private bathroom and shower, organic products and everything needed to prepare tea and coffee. Outdoor amenities include a private Jacuzzi, a campfire, a deck chair and a private courtyard equipped with comfortable pieces of furniture.

When Nomad’s Pad opens in October this year, passengers will be able to reach it by car and enjoy alienation from the rest of the world, although they won’t be too far from civilization itself. This innovative experience wants to give us the opportunity to “melt our stress”, enjoying yoga classes, painting, outdoor movies, baths and massages.

Guests will also be able to relax with the highest quality meals made from locally grown ingredients and craft cocktails, while touring the beautiful surroundings will be available to them. In addition, we must emphasize that the Internet is part of this offer, so that you will be able to share beautiful scenes in front of you with your friends and family at any time.

If we believe the visuals from our gallery - Nomad’s Pad will be a surreal place to rest, which will very often be completely booked.

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