Hotel Azulik - paradise without electricity and Wi-Fi

Located in Tulum, Hotel Azulik is a true luxury oasis, located between the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea…

Constructed by Mayan tribes, the hotel is made entirely of traditional and natural materials, in order to seamlessly integrate its architecture with the surrounding landscape. In its offer, it has 48 villas located in the heart of the forest or on the edge of paradise beaches, and they were created as a result of perfect harmony between ancestral knowledge, nature and art. The absence of internet connection and electricity will provide you with a unique experience, far from your everyday life, in order to reconnect with nature, but also with yourself.

Hotel Azulik offers you a real introspective adventure through its activities - through May spa treatments, meditations, yoga, aromatherapy and ancestral ceremonies, you will inevitably find your happiness and immerse yourself in well-being. In fact, these activities will allow you to refocus your body and your mind through the 4 elements: water, fire, earth and air.

In terms of gastronomy, Hotel Azulik has no reason to envy the luxury restaurants of the largest palaces in the world. A mixture of Japanese and Mexican culture gave birth to the TSEEN JA restaurant, which towers over the canopy thanks to its several meters high tables. The breathtaking view and gastronomic delicacies will give you the opportunity to really enjoy something completely different. The hotel also has 3 more restaurants that will awaken all your senses through local, quality and rare products.

In addition to an environmentally responsible approach, the hotel has also opened its own art gallery to promote local and international creations. Guided by avant-garde values, the artists presented in the gallery offer a disturbing vision of the world with respect for nature and people.

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